Tools for Remote Work

University Policy and Remote Work Requests

Before beginning remote work, you may need to review university policy and complete a remote work request in coordination with your supervisor. Additional background on remote work and the latest information on return to work can be found at:

Supervising and Working on Virtual Teams


If you plan to use voice or video for meetings or team chat, your work device will need a working microphone and camera.


This chart helps you determine and access tools and technologies are available to complete your office tasks from off campus. Not sure where to start? Get a quick overview of categories and options.

Task Online Options Tools to Use
Antivirus Protection
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure antivirus software is installed on all university-managed and personally-owned devices used for work purposes.
Cylance Antivirus
Microsoft Office and Outlook
  • Don’t forget you can install Microsoft Outlook and the Microsoft Office Suite on up to 5 devices for free.
Outlook and Microsoft Office Suite
Share Files
  • Share files from your individual OneDrive or Dropbox Account
  • Share files with your team or department using Microsoft Teams
  • Share files stored in a department drive
OneDrive Online Storage
GSU Dropbox Storage
Microsoft Teams
Network Drives
Store Files
  • Upload and store files on your individual OneDrive account so they can be accessible anywhere you have internet access
  • Request an individual account in GSU Dropbox to store files and access from across locations
  • Store team and department files on Microsoft Teams so anyone in your group can access important files from anywhere
  • Upload files to a department drive
OneDrive Online Storage
GSU Dropbox Storage
Microsoft Teams
Network Drives
Meet with My Team
  • Schedule virtual meetings with Webex
  • Stay in contact with your teammates using chat and voice call features in Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams
Chat with Someone
  • Send a quick message or give them a call on Microsoft teams
Microsoft Teams
Forward Calls
  • Forward your calls to your voicemail
  • Forward your calls to a new number
Cisco’s Self-Care Portal
Electronically Sign Documents Adobe Sign allows you to send documents for signature and electronically fill out documents online. Adobe Sign
Connect to systems only available when securely connected through the campus network
  • Connect to specific software and systems from home
  • Download and install software on a university-managed computer from home
  • Access your department drives from home
  • Change your call forwarding online from off-campus
Georgia State’s VPN
More Software
  • Find information about software for download to your work computer or personal computer you use for work at the software download page.
Software Download


If you need to receive calls at an off-campus number, you can forward your calls (Atlanta Campus | Perimeter College Phones | video instructions) to another land or cell line. When not near your office phone, you can also set your calls to forward to an off-campus number using online tools. To reach voicemail from off campus, you can check voicemail remotely or check your forwarded voicemail in your campus email account. If your voicemail is not currently forwarding to email, request the voicemail to email service be added to your mailbox.

Getting Help

System Status

Contact the IIT Technology Service Desk

When contacting the IIT Service Desk about getting prepared, let us know whether you are setting up a university-managed or personally-owned device. . Contact the IIT Service desk at the online help system at, by email at or 404-413-HELP (404-413-4357).