Tableau 1: Getting Started with Data Visualization

Tableau Desktop is a powerful application that analyzes data in a simple interface with many advanced visualizations. Users can quickly view their data from many different perspectives without a great deal of fuss with syntax or dialog boxes that are common in data analytics.

In this workshop, you’ll learn about: what data files can be accessed in Tableau and how to connect to the data; how to navigate Tableau; how to use data types (dimensions, measures and special data types such as date and location); how to build a simple visualization; and how to format data for analysis (sorting, building groups and hierarchies, sets, sorting, filtering, extracts, and calculated fields). In this workshop, you’ll learn about: how to add parameters to visualizations; how to use basic statistical tools (reference lines, bands and distributions) and advanced statistical tools (trend lines and forecasts); how to build a dashboard; how to add actions to dashboards to make them interactive; how to export and publish your dashboards and workbooks.

The Tableau 1: Getting Started workshop is provided by the Library’s Research Data Services Team in partnership with PantherTech / CETL.

Workshop Topics

  • Data compatibility
  • Navigating Tableau Desktop
  • Identifying and Manipulating data types
  • Building simple visualizations
  • Formatting data for further analysis
  • Adding Parameters to Worksheets
  • Basic and advanced statistical tools
  • Building a Dashboard

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of Microsoft Excel
Contact: [email protected]


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