Excel Fundamentals Digital Badge

This badge is for those who wish to demonstrate skills and knowledge in a variety of Microsoft Excel workbook tools and the ability to grow with the given needs of their company. After obtaining your badge you can add it onto your social media profile, resume, or other job sites.

The assessment and badge are FREE to Georgia State University Students, Faculty, and Staff. For any questions, please reach out to panthertech@gsu.edu.

Assessment Information

Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: Free
Contact: panthertech@gsu.edu

Upcoming Badge Assessments

March 30th, 2020
11:30am – 1:00pm
Clarkston Campus (CL 2220)
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Assessment Topics:

To obtain this badge, recipients must demonstrate knowledge of the Excel features and topics outlined below by completing a 90 minute, in person, proctored assessment. If you feel comfortable with the topics described below, you should be ready to sign-up for the assessment session.

Prepare for this assessment: Excel: Getting Started, Excel: Formulas & Functions, Excel: Charts & Formatting, or use LinkedIn Learning

Topic 1: Modify a Workbook Using the Edit and Format Tools

Edit an Excel worksheet using data entry
Use number formats to update numbers for columns/fields on a worksheet.
Duplicate and rename a worksheet.
Insert a header and footer on an Excel worksheet.

Topic 2: Input/Edit Formulas and Functions as Indicated

Utilize the autofill feature.
Apply Mathematics’ 'Order of Operations' to functions and formulas.
Identify correct uses for 'Absolute References'.
Evaluate functions and formulas for accuracy and corrections.
Identify the correct procedures and functions for linking data between sheets within a workbook.

Topic 3: Determine 'What-if-Analysis' Tools Uses and Applications

Utilize the tool Data Tables.
Determine the correct use of Goal Seek.

Topic 4: Create Charts, Tables, PivotTables, and Slicers

Build an accessible chart using specific chart elements.
Insert a table showing specific table elements.
Produce a PivotTable using guided instructions.
Insert Slicers tools.

Topic 5: Record a Macro for Applying Conditional Formatting

Assign a Macro to a shape or object on a sheet.
Save a Macro enabled Excel workbook file.

Topic 6: Utilize Tools for Reviewing and Printing / Distributing Large Data Sheets

Demonstrate use of the Sort tool.
Identify the filter tool to toggle on or off.
Determine the use of freeze panes.
Use formatting and page layout tools to print a worksheet that is set to ‘fit all columns on one page’.