iCollege Integrated Tools

Georgia State has integrated these tools into iCollege, giving teachers more power and flexibility.



TurnItIn automatically detects plagiarized text from assignments and generates reports. It also includes GradeMark, an easy to use and versatile online grading tool. Both integrate with the iCollege interface to easily provide feedback and grade assignments.Get Started with TurnItIn

Respondus Quiz Importer

Respondus converts formatted Word documents with test questions into iCollege compatible files such as quizzes, exams or surveys. This tool helps to quickly create and upload quizzes.


Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor

Respondus LockDown browser creates a secure and controlled testing environment by limiting the actions a student can preform while taking a quiz in the browser, such as navigating to another web page, taking screen shots, or even exiting the browser before the quiz is completed. The LockDown browser is best used in a controlled area, such as campus labs, where use can be monitored.Respondus Monitor, integrated into LockDown browser, allows you to record a student’s test session using their computer’s webcam, either while a student is taking a test at home, or inside a Georgia State computer lab.

Support for Instructors: Setting up a Quiz With Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor
Support for Students:
Taking a Quiz With Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor


Additional Apps for iCollege

iCollege Binder & Grader
iCollege Binder is an application that allows users to access documents from their iCollege account and view them on their mobile device. The Grader app allows instructors to download student assignments and grade them on the go, even when not connected to the Internet.

iCollege Grader: Download and Install on iPad
iCollege Binder:
Download and Install on iPad
Download and Install on Android



Store your course videos in Kaltura’s digital library, then share them with students straight from the iCollege interface.
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