Security Awareness Training


Protect Yourself and Related Computer Systems

Learn effective security practices for the workplace, and how to detect and thwart the tricks used in modern day internet scams.

To complete the training, you will receive an email from the cyber security awareness system that will include the words: “Please Complete your University Security Awareness Training” and may come from Follow the directions in that email to complete the training.
All Georgia State University faculty and staff are required by Board of Regents policy to complete annual Cyber Security Awareness training. Training is being provided during October, which is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The training helps you recognize and protect against increasingly common cyber threats that can compromise your and others’ sensitive personal and financial information as well as cause damage to computer and information systems. You will receive information at your campus email address on how to log in to the system. Please complete the training prior to Tuesday, Oct. 31.
SANS Securing The Human program is a video-based security awareness training that specializes in teaching employees how to identify and thwart fraud attempts.

  • Basic User training
  • Advanced User Training
  • Working from Home
  • Technical Staff
  • Legal & Leadership Training
  • Sensitive Information
  • And other topics, such as safe browsing, HIPPA, and Law Office client confidentiality

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