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Protect your workstation from the newest generation of malware (worms, viruses, backdoors, or Trojan horses) with McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS) – the university licensed desktop protection software for faculty and staff. This complement to antivirus includes a firewall and a heuristics engine designed to protect against known malicious software behaviors.Here’s how it works: The system is a combination firewall and intrusion prevention system that unobtrusively blocks improper activity on your workstation. The system analyzes all workstation traffic – inbound or outbound – and permits only what is considered safe traffic to pass through. All suspicious traffic (improper activity) is blocked, preventing your workstation from being attacked.

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Georgia State faculty or staff can contact the IIT Technology Service Desk at or 404-413-4357 (HELP) to request HIPS firewall.

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Requesting, Accessing and Using HIPS
Troubleshooting HIPS