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To protect your information and prevent identity theft, students faculty and staff are required to use Duo multifactor authentication for most web applications that use CampusID, including systems such as iCollege, PAWS, LinkedIn Learning and university email.

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Duo multifactor authentication adds a second layer of protection to CampusID login to prevent unauthorized access to your account and protect from cyber threats such as identity theft and malicious software. The service uses a mobile device or phone to verify the person logging in to your account is you.

Can’t login? Need to change your device settings?

Watch this video for an overview of how to use a passcode to login to Duo and change your settings.

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Options for Verifying Your CampusID Login with Duo

Once you’ve registered a device, you will be prompted to verify your identity using Duo each time you log in to a Duo-protected service.

When you set up a device to log in with Duo, you can pick from these options to verify your log in:

  • Push Notification: Recommended. A notification sent to your mobile device or phone using the Duo app (must be installed) for you to approve or deny your log in attempt. This is the recommended option if you have a mobile device or phone on which you can install the Duo mobile app.
  • Phone Call: A computer-generated call to your phone that includes a code for you to enter to approve your log in attempt.
  • Passcode: You can generate a passcode,
    • From within the Duo App. (This option works even if you are not connected to cell or Internet service, such as when you are on an airplane. This type of passcode will allow login once for each code generated in the app.)
    • Using the online passcode generator.
  • Token: A Duo hardware token, which is a small plastic device that can generate a passcode to use with Duo, can be purchased with this form. Yubikeys can be ordered from Amazon or through Panthermart to use with a laptop. Series 5 are the more flexible option. Chrome is the preferred browser to use with this option.


On all campuses, support is available at the campus CATLabs during open hours.

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