Alertus Emergency Notification System

Alertus is security notification software that is designed to alert you to campus emergencies and unexpected events. Alertus is provided by the Office of Emergency Management and automatically installed on departmental and university lab computers managed by Instructional Innovation & Technology and various other departments on campus.

Alertus Emergency Notifications includes two programs – Alertus Desktop and the Alertus Panic Button:

  • alertus-desktop-clean Alertus Desktop:
    Receive pop-up alerts on your workstations, or a lab computer, from anywhere on campus with Alertus Desktop notifications
  • alertus-button-clean1Alertus Panic Button
    Use the Alertus Panic Button to immediately send a panic report to Georgia State Police in case of an emergency
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panic buttonAlertus Panic Button

The Alertus panic button allows you to submit panic reports to the GSU Police Department from your desktop computer.

Windows Panic Button >
Mac Panic Button >