Georgia State University offers a wide array of information security software, technology, and advising resources that you can use to keep your computer secure, both on and off the web.

Multifactor Authentication with Duo
Keep private and confidential information safe, with an additional layer of authentication protection.


Anti-Virus Software
Protect your computer from malicious software with free university-standard anti-virus software.


Video Surveillance
The University is using closed-circuit television (CCTV), which includes video surveillance cameras, monitors and digital video recorders, to monitor public areas in order to deter crime and assist the Georgia State University Police Department (GSUPD).


Prevent potential information security threats by encrypting sensitive data on your faculty or staff workstation.


Malicious Software Alert System
Find out how the malicious software alert service helps protect you when you access the Internet using the university’s network.


Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Connect to the university network from off campus or connect to secure servers with profiles.


Protect your faculty or staff workstation by screening for malicious software behaviors.

Security Assessments

Security Assessment
Get assistance understanding security standards and tools.


Security Awareness Training
Learn effective security practices for the workplace, and how to detect and thwart the tricks used in modern day internet scams.


Email Fraud Awareness Training
Learn how to recognize fraudulent emails and “phishing” techniques.