EXLAB Code of Conduct

EXLAB TV WebEX Event Guidelines

  • Log into WebEX Prior to Meeting Time – Be sure that your speaker, camera and microphones are working properly.
  • Check Video Background – If you choose to share video, please ensure your background and attire is appropriate.
  • Mute microphone—Please mute your microphone unless you are actively talking to someone in the room, otherwise background noise will be distracting.
  • Use Chat Box for Questions – If you have a question, please type it in the chat box. The moderator will ask the question to the instructor or answer it themselves.

Code of Conduct

  1. Do not use abusive or disrespectful language. These can take several forms, including but not limited to the following:
    1. Flaming – posts that are designed to personally berate or insult another user.
    2. Trolling – posting derogatory or inflammatory comments/threads attempting to bait other users into responding. Accusing someone of being a troll is also a form of trolling.
    3. Personal attacks – posts that insult a poster directly. This includes any attacks against forum moderators, Lulu representatives, or employees.
    4. Explicit remarks, descriptions, or images – Cursing is not allowed, as well as any type of sexually explicit image, description, or joke.
  2. Do not say or post personal information, such as phone numbers or email addresses.
  3. Keep all questions and comments constructive and/or informative. The following content types are not allowed:
    1. Spam
    2. Advertising
    3. Impersonating an EXLAB or Georgia State University employee
    4. Distracting, unrelated comments
    5. Any sort of comment related to legal action, boycotting, lobbying, promoting, or endorsing people, goods, causes, or services

Failure to adhere to the above rules may result in removal from the event and may or may not be subject to a refund, if applicable.