EXLAB - Experience, Experiment, Explore

Arts & Humanities, Room 200
Downtown Campus

May 2 – May 4

Summer Hours, May 7 – July 27: 
Monday    Friday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Design, Build, and Create Amazing Things!

color_icons-16Stop by and Explore the EXLAB!
The EXLAB is open for walk in tours. Stop by Arts & Humanities, Room 200 at our downtown campus and take a look at what Georgia State University’s new makerspace lab can help you create!

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EXLAB Liability Waivers
Georgia State students, faculty and staff can complete our online liability waiver.
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University guests, and minors under 18 years of age, can print and complete our liability waiver to participate in the EXLAB.
EXLAB Guest Waiver

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The EXLAB makerspace is a collaborative environment centered around experiential learning, creativity, and innovation. We are a community of individuals who share a passion for making. We welcome makers of all skill levels to come learn something new and share their own stories of making.

We are community driven, and host a variety of student-led workshops based on the requests of Georgia State University students. The EXLAB offers the perfect place to:

  • Soundboard ideas
  • Fabricate your own robot
  • Learn how to 3D print custom jewelry
  • Understand the fundamentals of VR gaming
  • Learn to create your own fashions and cosplay

Walk in, stop by, and take a tour of the EXLAB today!

Explore the EXLAB

ex_lab_banner-10Workshop Fabrication
A fully-stocked workshop space to build, cut, measure, solder, and more.
ex_lab_banner-09Textile Production
Plenty of space to design, sew, and spread out your fabrics. Measure, cut, stitch, create.
ex_lab_banner-083D Realization
Make your ideas tactile. A workshop full of 3D printers, plotters and laser cutters.
ex_lab_banner-07Digital Design
Computers equipped with industry-standard software and an area for exploring virtual reality and augmented reality.