Student Equipment Checkout Policy

The CATLAB offers multimedia equipment checkouts for daily and extended use including cameras, lighting kits, greens screens and more depending on location and in-stock inventory for currently enrolled Georgia State Students. CATLAB equipment may not be used for personal financial gain or commercial purposes. Priority for borrowing is given to academic or instructional uses, but Borrowers may use equipment for any non-profit purpose.

Reserving and Picking Up Equipment

Reservations may be made in person, over the phone, via email ( or coming soon, online at

When picking up equipment patrons will need to present a current Panthercard and sign an equipment contract for the reserved equipment. Patrons should check over their equipment and read over the equipment use agreement contract.

Equipment is not allowed to leave the State of Georgia, and is not allowed to be shipped
anywhere by airplane, bus, or any commercial carrier.

Designated Check-In and Check-Out Days

Most equipment is available for Daily Check-outs on Mondays,Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Equipment checked out on Thursdays or Fridays are returned on Mondays.

  • Additional equipment that is not checked out on Thursdays, may be available on Fridays without advanced reservations on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • Equipment availability is based on in-stock inventory only.
  • Friday check-outs are also due back on Mondays.
  • Check-outs for Mondays will be without advanced reservations, on a first-come first-serve basis and may be limited by in-stock inventory.
  • Advanced reservations may be made for Tuesday and Wednesday check-outs.
  • Daily Check-outs are due back at the close of the checkout period the same day. Hours many vary by location.
  • Items not available for Daily Check-out may include Lighting equipment, Backdrops and Green Screens depending on location.

Equipment Orientations and Trainings

Some equipment may require students to have a brief orientation before checking out. CATLAB staff will provide brief, device-specific demos called “orientations”.

Students who checkout equipment will need to allot an extra 5 – 10 minutes if they require an orientation. Ask a CATLAB assistant for more details.

More in-depth trainings are available through PantherTech trainings.

Returning Equipment

Equipment must be returned to the CATLAB where it was originally checked out and only by the student who made the reservation or a designated accompanying patron. Accompanying patrons must have active affiliation with GSU.

Students must notify the CATLAB staff if they will be late returning equipment.

Either email or call the CATLAB from which the equipment was checked out.

CATLAB numbers:
ADERHOLD – 404-413-4732
CLARKSTON – (678) 891-3192
DECATUR – (678) 891-2456
DUNWOODY – (770) 274-5036
NEWTON – (770) 278-1281
CLARKSTON FINE ARTS – (678) 891-3012

*** Pre-notification of lateness will not necessarily excuse late fines ***

CONSEQUENCES for not returning equipment on time in its original condition:

LATE: Equipment is late if it is not returned by close of the checkout period the day it is due.

LATE FINES: Begin to be assessed the first morning following the day the equipment was originally due.


  • First day late – $30.00 (plus $5.00 for each additional item)
  • Second day late – $20.00 (additional)
  • Third day late – $20.00 (additional)
  • Fourth day late: If on the fourth morning after the equipment was due back it is still not in the lab, an additional $100.00 lost fee will be charged and we will have to file a report with the police for the missing items.

If the equipment is returned,the student will be responsible. All other late fees will remain in effect.

DAMAGED: Any form of damage or missing kit pieces.

The borrower is responsible for any damage, loss or theft of equipment checked out to them (damage fees = repair cost;replacement = current retail cost).

The CATLAB has 5 business days to inspect returned equipment and notify Borrower of any damage.

MISSING: If the equipment is stolen (or becomes permanently lost) while in your possession you must notify us immediately. If you notify us of the missing equipment after it is due back, you will incur late fines.

You must file a police report and bring us an official receipt verifying that it has been filed and on what date.

If you fail to bring in a police report, a minimum of one-day late fee (regardless of when notified) and the $100.00 lost fee will be assessed. Additionally, you will lose the privilege to check out any equipment from the CATLAB.

Repeated instances of equipment being late or going missing while in your possession (regardless of police reports) may require further action, including but not limited to involvement of the Dean of Students.

All late fines must be paid to Student Accounts and receipts brought to one of the CATLAB before eligible students may check out equipment again.

Fine Forgiveness and Appeals

CATLAB fines may be adjusted or waived in extenuating circumstances supported by documentation of your claim. All disputes are reviewed on a case by case basis and submission of documentation does not guarantee the removal or adjustments. Patrons will have 30 days from the first notification to submit a dispute.

The following are unacceptable reasons and will not justify fine forgiveness:

  • Lack of understanding CATLAB policies
  • Not reading the Equipment use contract.
  • Unwillingness to accept responsibility for CATLAB equipment including loaning to a third party, intentional or accidental damage, or theft (See missing).
  • Taking possession but not utilizing equipment.
  • Needing the item past the due date.
  • Failing to check your campus e-mail.
  • Forgetting the due date, term breaks, being out of town, or exams.

Accepted documentation include, but is not limited to: doctor’s notes, deployment papers, funeral programs, etc. Documentation should include relevant dates, your name, and originate from someone other than yourself. Do not include sensitive or private information such as SSN or credit card number on the appeal form.

CATLAB fines may be adjusted or waived in extenuating circumstances supported by documentation of your claim. All disputes are reviewed on a case by case basis and submission of documentation does not guarantee the removal or adjustments.
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