CATLAB Fine Forgiveness and Appeals

CATLAB fines may be adjusted or waived in extenuating circumstances supported by documentation of your claim. All disputes are reviewed on a case by case basis and submission of documentation does not guarantee the removal or adjustments.

Extenuating circumstances do not include:

  • Lack of understanding CATLAB policies.
  • Not reading the Equipment use contract.
  • Unwillingness to accept responsibility for CATLAB equipment including loaning to a third party, intentional or accidental damage, or theft (See missing).
  • Taking possession but not utilizing equipment.
  • Needing the item past the due date.
  • Failing to check your campus e-mail.
  • Forgetting the due date, term breaks, being out of town, or exams.

Submit an Appeal

Patrons will have 30 days from the first notification to submit a dispute.

In your appeal, please include any applicable documentation. Accepted documentation includes, but is not limited to: doctor’s notes, deployment papers, funeral programs, etc. Documentation should include relevant dates, your name, and originate from someone other than yourself. Do not include sensitive or private information such as SSN or credit card number on the appeal form.