CATLAB General Use Policies

The Creation and Technology Labs (CATLabs) and affiliated labs, are open access technology spaces across all GSU campuses. CATLabs provide a wide variety of technology services and resources designed for individual and group productivity to currently enrolled GSU students.

Our Policies

CATLAB Services

Use of CATLab spaces require a Panther Card and users must adhere to University Technology Use Guidelines. CATLab services include:

  • Computer Labs: Use of Windows and Mac computers with university licensed software to assist with student academics as well as production and media software for course related or not-for-profit projects.
  • Printing: All users wishing to print must have valid funds on their Panther Card.
  • Walk-Up Help Desk: Walk up technical support desk that can assist students with virus protection, downloading and installing university licensed software, student account support, internet connectivity, and printing.
  • Equipment Checkout: Multimedia equipment checkouts for daily and extended use, including cameras, lighting kits, greens screens and more depending on location and in-stock inventory. Checkout Policies >
  • Audio Labs: Studio grade engineering for voice overs, music production and 4K video editing.
  • Collaboration Spaces: Walk-in and reservation only Collaboration Spaces designed for students to freely share knowledge and ideas with the use of whiteboards, meeting tables, and large-scale monitors for group viewing.

Collaboration Space Policies

Space Reservations

Most collaboration spaces are by reservation only. Please see a CATLAB assistant to reserve a room. If you do not a have a reservation, you will be asked to leave the space. Those with a reservation will be held responsible for the contents of the room, as well as any violation of policies.

Use of the Collaboration Spaces

  • Students will be limited to two hours of use if other students are waiting.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in Collaboration Spaces with the exception of securely capped bottled containers.
  • Please be considerate of your fellow students around your space: silence cell phones, and keep conversation volume down.
  • Collaboration spaces are for Academic use only. Use of the space for video games, movies, etc. is prohibited. Use of the spaces or university resources for pornography or other offensive materials is a violation of the University’s Usage Policies.