CATLAB | Creation and Technology

CATLAB Atlanta

Aderhold Learning Center, Rm 423
Equipment Room, Rm 423-A

CATLAB Alpharetta

O Building, Room 1250

CATLAB Clarkston

Library, CL2350

CATLAB Decatur

SF Building, Room 2200

CATLAB Dunwoody

NE Building, Room 0160


1N Building, Room 2200


Clarkston, CF 2210

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The Creation and Technology Lab (CATLAB) is a general-use computer lab that also offers state-of-the-art facilities to create, edit, and share media projects. Here, you can find Windows and Mac computers, check out camera and multimedia equipment, use production and media software, work together in student collaborative spaces, and get technical support.

Computer Labs & Printing

Find the computer you want to use, including both Windows and Mac workstations. Print from any lab, or queue something to print from anywhere with MobilePrint.
CATLAB General Use Policies  |  Printing

Audio Lab

A private and professionally-equipped Audio Lab, complete with recording software and equipment. Call a CATLAB for reservations.
Required Audio Lab Course | Audio Lab FAQ

Collaboration Spaces

Work together in our lab’s collaborative spaces, including large tables, and central screens to view your projects. Call a CATLAB to reserve a space.
Collaboration Spaces Policies

Equipment Checkout

Reserve and checkout a variety of multimedia equipment for your next course project.
Check Out Policies  |  Equipment Checkout

Walk-Up Help Desk

Aderhold Concourse, Room 023
Get wireless assistance, device support, or troubleshoot your software issues in person.
Services the Walk-Up Help Desk offers

Mon – Thurs: 7:30 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Sat & Sun: Closed

What can the CATLAB help you with?
General Use Policies
Learn about how out CATLAB policies and how they affect you.

Equipment Policies
Learn the expectations and requirements for our Equipment Checkout.

Equipment Reservation
Reserve equipment for a daily or weekend checkout period.

Audio Lab FAQ
Learn more about the Audio Labs, or take the required Audio Lab course.

PantherPrint & MobilePrint
Print at a CATLAB, or send a print job to our lab from anywhere via email.

CATLAB Suggestion Form
Have a piece of equipment you would like to see in our catalog? Need a specific software we don’t currently offer? Make a suggestion!
Contact the CATLAB

If you are looking for specific campuses, please call the numbers above. Otherwise, you can contact us at