GPC Student Email Account Deactivation

GPC student email accounts and addresses will be deactivated for students who have not enrolled in a course at Georgia Perimeter College or Georgia State University in two years or more, in accordance with the university’s Computer Accounts Policy. Account holders whose accounts will be deactivated were sent a deactivation notice by email prior to account deactivation, which is scheduled for [date]. Deactivation means that after the deadline:

  • You will not be able to access your GPC student email account or use your student email address to send, receive or forward email.
  • Your GPC student email account content will be deleted.

Account Deactivation Inquiry

If you are a registered, degree-seeking student and believe an account deactivation message may have been sent to you in error, you can let us know by filling out the
Deactivation Inquiry Form >

Preparing for Account Deactivation

Account holders should do the following before the date listed in their deactivation notice:

1  Obtain an alternate email account.

You can obtain a personal Microsoft account online in order to have some of the same features that were available from your student email account.

Please be aware that after your account has been deactivated, you will no longer have access to your OneDrive account, or the copies of Microsoft Office provided to you through your online email.

2  Let your contacts know that your email address will change.

Send any contacts that use your student email address a note to update their address books with your new email address.

3  Export your email messages.

Follow these directions to export your email messages from a GPC student email account to another Microsoft account.

4  Change the email account to which services are linked.

Remember to change the email account associated with any subscription services, such as Hotmail Plus or Xbox Live, that currently direct information to your student email account. Do this for any services or websites for which password retrieval or billing is linked to your student email account.