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New Email Security Tools in Student Email Beginning Oct. 28

  • Banner to Help Recognize Messages from Outside Senders
  • Microsoft Quarantine Service
  • Junk and Phishing Reporting Tools

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Get started using your student email account, including additional tools like OneDrive online storage and access to Microsoft Office suite.

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miscrosoft_office_suite_iconThe full Microsoft ProPlus office suite is available for FREE to currently enrolled students at Georgia State University.
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OneDrive (also called SkyDrive):
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Personal OneDrive: Log in to your personal OneDrive account
Report Spam: Report Spam on a Windows, Mac, or on the Web
Report Fraudulent Email That Claims to Be from the University or Email System Misuse
Download the Outlook Spam Plug-In (Windows Only)
Handling Multiple Accounts: Switch between student & faculty/staff online email accounts