Faculty, Staff and Student Employee Account Access

Automated Account Deactivation Policy
Office 365 Faculty and Staff email account access is made available to faculty, staff and student employees as a job-related resource. Beginning Jan. 31, 2020, in accordance with University System of Georgia policy, faculty, staff and student employee CampusID access will be automatically deactivated five (5) business days after the last date of university employment.

When employee-related CampusID access is deactivated, the account holder is no longer able to access university systems to which access was granted because of university employment. These systems include OneUSG Connect, the Office 365 Faculty and Staff Email system and other systems that use CampusID sign-in. Thirty days after CampusID deactivation, associated Office 365 Faculty and Staff Email account content is automatically erased and cannot be retrieved.

Which accounts are affected by the process change and how will they be affected?
On Jan. 31, existing CampusID accounts associated with faculty, staff or student employees who have permanently left employment at the university more than five days prior will be deactivated. Moving forward, faculty, staff and student employee accounts will be automatically deactivated five days after last date of employment.

Are retirees and emeriti affected by this change?
Retired faculty, staff and emeriti will continue to maintain account access as the current policy allows.

Are employees who are on a break affected by this change?
Employees who have a termination date entered in OneUSG Connect, which indicates that have left the university without a planned return date, are affected by this change. Employees classified as on a temporary work break will not be affected by this process.

Where can I get more information on the USG policy this process complies with?
This change is being made to comply with University System of Georgia policy. See section 3.1, page 35, of the USG IT Handbook.

How can I access my W2 if I am a former university employee with an inactive CampusID?
If you did not elect to have the W2 sent electronically, the W2 will be mailed to you at the address we have on file. If you chose the electronic method, contact our USG Shared Services Center by phone or email to obtain the W2.

Can authorized individuals request extended Office 365 account access or preservation of account content?
The same policy exception practices that exist today will continue when the time period for CampusID deactivation changes from 180 to 5 days. Exceptions include:

  • Transitioning a CampusID to affiliate access – A CampusID can be transitioned to affiliate access to allow temporary continued access to an Office 365 account, while other system access is removed. An HR representative may request the affiliate account transition with departmental sponsorship when appropriate.
  • Content preservation or departmental access – A request can be submitted to allow access to account content by an authorized individual or to preserve account content related to potential legal review or process.

Any email access exception requests must be initiated through central human resources and approved by the university’s legal and cybersecurity departments. Requests must be received well in advance of email account content deletion.

Who can I contact with questions?
Contact your department with questions about employment classification and account access.

Contact the IIT Service Desk at help.gsu.edu, help@gsu.edu or 404-413-HELP (404-413-4357) with questions about the automated account deactivation process.