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Password Support: Reset Your CampusID (Email) Password
Getting Started: Get started with Office 365
Common Tasks
Access Your Email Using Outlook: Access your email on the Web
Outlook client on Windows
Add an Email Account to Outlook on Windows
Outlook client on Mac
Outlook App on Android devices
Outlook App on iOS devices
Outlook Features: Turn Off Outlook Clutter
Create Contact Group in Outlook for Your Windows Computer
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Configure iOS devices
Other Mobile Devices: Configure your Windows Phones
Forwarding Email:

No Automated-Forwarding of Employee Email to Outside Accounts

To protect faculty, staff and students from identity theft and secure university data, email from Office 365 Faculty/Staff email accounts ( cannot be automatically forwarded to addresses outside of the Office 365 email system beginning Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021.

Directions for Forwarding Email within the Office 365 Tenant

Shared Mailboxes: Request a Non-Person Account
Add an Automatic Reply or Change your Rules
Granting Access to a Shared Mailbox
Accessing a Shared Mailbox
Encrypt Emails: Encrypt Outlook Emails
(For Windows, Mac, and Web)
Email Archive: Archive Emails on Windows
Archive Emails on a Mac
Blocked Attachments: Send or Receive Attachments the Email System Blocks
Report Spam: Report Spam on a Windows, Mac, or on the Web
Report Fraudulent Email That Claims to Be from the University or Email System Misuse
Download the Outlook Spam Plug-In (Windows Only)
Quarantine: Preview and Release Emails from Quarantine
Handling Multiple Accounts: Switch between student & faculty/staff online email accounts