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Network Storage

Home (H://) Drive Decommission
On Wednesday, March 31, Home (H://) drives will be set to no longer allow new file storage and will then be decommissioned. Before March 31, Home (H://) drive users should copy any files currently in their H:// drives that they wish to maintain access to over to one of the cloud services available to faculty and staff for file storage and collaboration.

Recommended New File Service: OneDrive | Transfer on Windows | Transfer on Mac

Dropbox is also available to store large collections of files, secure research-related data or collaborate with other Dropbox users. Request an account in the new university instance of Dropbox to migrate your data to.

Department (I://) drives will be transitioned in a future phase.

All Georgia State University faculty and staff have access to a personal, 3 GB Home Drive, and a shared Department Drive, with total space allocation of 3GB per department member. Users on a Windows workstation can access their drives simply by logging in to their computer and navigating to their drives under My Computer. Mac users need to manually enter a network address in order to connect to these drives, from both on and off campus. Instructions for connecting to drives are included below.


Connect to your shared drives using Active Directory
Connect to your Home drive
Connect to your drives from off campus
Connect to Department drives from on or off campus
Connect to your Home drives from on or off campus