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Due to heavy use, Webex is currently experiencing delays in processing new recordings. When your recording is available, you will receive an email notification to your campus email account.

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The Webex online meeting platform allows you to connect with your colleagues and peers, from anywhere – on or off campus. Cut down on the time needed for meetings, quickly organize projects, and collaborate on tasks and course work from wherever you are. Webex is available to all students, faculty, and staff at Georgia State University.

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Hold scheduled meetings or use your personal online meeting room and collaborate with screen sharing, audio and video, file sharing and whiteboard tools..

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How to Hold an Online Webex Meeting

Remember to secure your Webex session from uninvited participants. Take these steps on Windows | Mac.

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How to Join an Online Webex Meeting

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Webex Desktop App

Doc-IconDownload the Webex Desktop App >
for Personal or University-Managed Mac and Windows computers

Webex Events

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  • Host webinars, events, or conferences online
  • Collaborate with panelists, hold Q&A sessions
  • Gather audience feedbacktrack attendees

Webex Training Sessions

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  • Create breakout sessions
  • Provide integrated testing & polling

WebEx Service Updates & Usage Tips

Recent large increases in online activity are affecting regional Internet and telephone service providers, which may result in an increase in Webex service degradation at certain peak times.
Here are a few tips to get the best meeting experience:

  • Choose audio over video if experiencing a video quality issue: Webex will suggest or automatically lower your resolution and may eventually turn off your video to adapt to your network quality. You can also do this at any time. Learn more at http://cs.co/slow-connection.
  • Build in breaks: You can get a faster join experience by joining 5 minutes early or even better – schedule meetings on the 15th or 45th minute of the hour.
  • Switch to call-in audio: If your internet audio and video experience does not work, you can keep collaborating. Call in using the dial-in numbers in your meeting invitation to join via your cell phone or landline.
  • Use “Show All Global Call-In Numbers” if You Receive a Busy Signal: If you get a busy signal when dialing into Webex by phone, click the Show All Global Call-In numbers under Meeting Info link for additional audio numbers to join.
  • Disconnect from the VPN: If you are using the VPN (virtual private network) service, disconnect and use Webex outside of the VPN for the best experience.

Webex Workshops

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More Webex Tools

Webex in iCollege

Leverage Webex’s tools and functionality seamlessly in iCollege to meet online, work together, and complete coursework.
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Webex Teams

Log In to Webex Teams Webex Teams is Webex’s group-based collaboration tool where you can meet online in customizable “Spaces” to collaborate, chat, and complete coursework.
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