Webex Recordings
Depending on file size and bandwidth, most recorded meetings are available within 24 hours. You can view the current status of your recording on the My Recordings page. Did you have a Webex session issue? View tips for the best quality Webex session.

Webex – Meet Anywhere

Close the Distance. Meet Online with Others Across Campus or Around the World.

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The Webex online meeting platform allows you to connect with your colleagues and peers, from anywhere – on or off campus. Cut down on the time needed for meetings, quickly organize projects, and collaborate on tasks and course work from wherever you are. Webex is available to all students, faculty, and staff at Georgia State University.

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Hold scheduled meetings or use your personal online meeting room and collaborate with screen sharing, audio and video, file sharing and whiteboard tools..

Get the Webex App

A new version of the Webex desktop application is being made available on campus. You can choose to install it now to begin using the new version. The new Webex application is a unified application that replaces Webex Meetings and Webex Teams. It has a launch area that looks slightly different when starting, joining and scheduling meetings from your desktop and adds additional features for collaboration and interaction using text, audio and video chat outside of online meetings.

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How to Hold an Online Webex Meeting

Remember to secure your Webex session from uninvited participants. Take these steps on Windows | Mac.

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How to Join an Online Webex Meeting

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Webex Events

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  • Host webinars, events, or conferences online
  • Collaborate with panelists, hold Q&A sessions
  • Gather audience feedbacktrack attendees

Webex Training Sessions

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  • Create breakout sessions
  • Provide integrated testing & polling

WebEx Updates & Tips – Aug. 30

Slido Polling Now Available in Webex.

Webex now integrates interactive Slido polling and questions and answers.Polls are a great way for hosts to get input from meeting participants. Use them to engage your audience, test knowledge and ask for feedback. You can create polls before a meeting or add a guest collaborator to help you create and run them during a meeting. Six types of polls are available:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Word Cloud
  • Quiz
  • Rating
  • Open Text
  • Ranking

You’ll also see reporting on poll participation and outcomes. Slido can be used with Cisco Webex Meetings version 41.6 and later. As a host, create and launch polls directly from Webex Meetings by clicking Apps -> Slido.

Directions on Getting Started with Slido > | Video Overview >

Webex Workshops

Best Practices: How to Work Remotely >

More Webex Tools

Webex in iCollege

Leverage Webex’s tools and functionality seamlessly in iCollege to meet online, work together, and complete coursework.
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