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Sway is a Microsoft Office app that makes it easy to create and share interactive reports, personal stories, presentations, and more.

Create a presentation storyline and customize it with different cards, then organize those cards into sections. Any content for your presentation can be easily tweaked, added, removed, edited or reordered, giving you flexibility in Sway to create more free-flowing presentations than those created in PowerPoint.

Sway is ultimately an alternative to PowerPoint, but what is the difference and what can it really do?

Sway vs. PowerPoint

The purpose of Sway is to convey concepts quickly, easily and clearly. Unlike PowerPoint, it is primarily for presenting ideas onscreen rather than to an audience. Tutorials, interactive reports, newsletters, & personal stories are the sort of things to which it lends itself. Sway presentations are backed up to the cloud, and can be easily shared or embedded in websites.

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