What is Leaderboard?

Leaderboard is an extension to our Tracker application. Leaderboard allows administrators to assign points to specific activities or events that encourage student participation. Once the student swipes into the activity or event via Tracker, they earn the points associated with the activity.

Leaderboard from the student’s perspective shows the amount of points they have earned and their rank among other students by engaging in specific activities or events.

Leaderboard points can be earned toward scholarships or other incentives to drive student engagement and success.

Getting Started

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How To Guides:

Guides are available in the Microsoft Teams Leaderboard site after your account is approved.
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Why Leaderboard?

  • Easily connect GSU’s Calendar Event to a Leaderboard incentive
  • Easily connect an external event to a Leaderboard incentive
  • Increase student engagement and student success


Yes. Tracker is used to collect the check-ins of the students to accumulate their points.
A Leaderboard account can be set up in a matter of minutes. Once your staff has completed Tracker training and configuration has been completed, you may start using Leaderboard and Tracker. Contact us to request training.
You will be given a URL by your Leaderboard incentive leader. The URL will be in the form of https://cdn.gsu.edu/leaderboard/[initiative]/login where [initiative] is the specific Leaderboard they would like to view.

More Information

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