Tracker allows students to swipe a PantherCard, or administrators to manually enter a Panther Number to log student traffic through a particular location or easily take attendance at an event – both on or off campus.

Simplify Your Process

Reduce the hassle and let Tracker do the work:

  • Check in event attendees with a single-swipe.
  • Easily and accurately log attendance.
  • Track participation and organizational involvement with the easy swipe of a Panther card.

Getting Started

Request Tracker equipment, report an issue, or ask a question.

Tracker Requests 

Already have Tracker?
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Make Data Work for You

Collect and leverage powerful attendance data to inform your department’s goals and strategies:

  • Track and report your department’s impact on student engagement.
  • Gather data to develop strategies to support student success.
  • Plan for future budgeting and space requirements based on previous attendance rates.


Getting Started:
Submit a Tracker Request
Set up the MAGTEK Tracker App on a Tablet
Using Tracker
Logins: Log In to Tracker >
Configuration Manager >
Purchasing: Purchase a Card Swipe >
Install and Purchase Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Tracker can be used with a desktop PC with or without a card swipe. If you would like to try Tracker with an iPad before you buy, we provide iPad’s and card swipes for loan. You will need to download and configure the MAGTEK app to use Tracker on a tablet.
A Tracker account can be set up in a matter of minutes. Once your staff has completed Tracker training and configuration has been completed, you may start using Tracker. Contact us to request training.
Yes. Reports may integrate Banner data with Tracker data. Specialized reports are created by the Argos Enterprise Reporting group. We will assist with coordinating Argos report creations. Contact us for assistance.