University Guest Accounts

Georgia State university offers a wide variety of campus visitor accounts that allow faculty and staff to easily host guest speakers or researchers, conduct workshops and courses with attendees from other universities, or hold meetings and events.

1. Guest Wireless  |  Create a Guest Wireless Account >
Guest wireless accounts give as many guests as you need access to the Internet on campus by logging in to the GSU-Guest network with a temporary username and password. These accounts last for one week, and are perfect for providing Internet access at your campus event, or to visiting speakers and researchers.

2. Temporary Network Accounts  |  Request a Temporary Network Account >
Temporary network accounts allow you to create single or bulk accounts that last for a week, and give your guests access to computer workstations and the Internet on campus. These temporary accounts are perfect for conducting interactive workshops or classes with attendees from off campus.

3. Affiliate Network Accounts  |  Request an Affiliate Account >
Affiliate accounts effectively create a CampusID for your guest, allowing them access to anything you might have access to on campus, including some university systems, computer workstations and the Internet. These accounts can last for up to 6 months, and can be renewed indefinitely. Affiliate accounts are perfect for resident guests that plan on staying for a few semesters and offering their expertise to the university.

Not Sure Which Account You Need?

Answer the two questions below to determine which kind of the guest account is right for your needs.