Find the technology products and services that you need.

Email and File Storage

E-mail Preview Banner
Set up your email account, send large file attachments by email, or store some of your files.

Wireless Network

CatChat2x Wireless Network Preview Banner
Find out how to get connected to the Internet via the wireless network.

Training and Learning Resources

Desire2Learn Preview Banner
Discover the learning tools and resources available on campus.

Software and Computer Purchase

Software Download Preview Banner
Learn about the software and hardware available for download or purchase.

Labs and Classrooms

Labs and Classroom Preview Banner
Find out about on-campus labs, classrooms and their respective resources and equipment.

Research Computing

Use these high-end computing resources to take your research to the next level.

Telephone and Network Services

Telephone and Network Services Preview Banner
Get the information you need to set up telephone and voicemail services.

Accounts & Passwords

Accounts and Passwords Preview Banner
Determine the accounts you will need to access the various GSU systems.


Security Preview Banner
Find out how to keep your computer secure both on and off campus.

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