Digital Ethics

Digital Ethics Training covers the following topics through three short video modules. Each module also has an associated Flash quiz that can be used to provoke additional conversation about these topics. The resources section provides links to further information on these topics.
Copyright looks at the concept of fair use and how it can be applied in student work at GSU. It also presents the consequences of plagiarism and introduces the concept of the Creative Commons.

Citations introduces the two most common citations styles used at GSU: APA & MLA. It briefly examines ways to go about citing material in various digital projects and papers. It also presents tools like EndNote and Zotero and how these tools can be used in research. The module concludes with information on how to use the GSU library to get additional help.

Digital Ethics looks at how various mobile technologies present us with new ethical considerations. This module is especially applicable for students working on GSU assignments involving video, audio and rich media creation.