Georgia State University Tech Trends Conference 2019

Explore Technology at the University and Beyond

Discover emerging trends and exchange ideas about the future of technology in higher education at the Tech Trends Conference.

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Event Presentations

The Future of Education is Now: How Georgia State is Leading the Way
Phil Ventimiglia, Chief Innovation Officer at Georgia State University

Innovation at Georgia State, A Student Perspective
Moderator: Tiffany Green-Abdullah, Assistant Director of Learning Community Development
Panelists: Taylor McNeil, Natalie Skinner, Karen Bennett, Nicole Toole, Corey Townsend

State Technology Trends
Steve Nichols, Chief Technology Officer at Georgia Technology Authority
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Mapping the Education Genome
Myk Garn, Assistant Vice Chancellor for New Learning Models at the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia

Making Time: Living in the World of Convergence
Michael Miller, Gartner Inc.
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