Setting Up Panopto for Mac


This document describes the steps for setting up Panopto for the Mac OS X operating systems.


  • Working microphone and camera
  • OS X 10.8 and up
  • Active iCollege course
  • You may need your administrator’s name and password to complete the installation. If you do not have administrative access to your computer, please contact your local IT support, or the IIT Technology Service Desk at [email protected].

Steps to Setup Panopto

  1. Log in to iCollege.
  2. In the iCollege home screen:
    1. Click “Select a course…”
    2. In the drop-down menu select your course
  3. In your course’s page:
    1. Click Content & Media
    2. In the drop-down menu click Panopto-GSU
  4. In the new Panopto window:
    1. Click Create
    2. In the drop-down menu click Record a new session
  5. In the Record a new session window select the version of Apple Download Installer hat is appropriate for your Mac.
  6. Once completed, click on the downloaded file in your downloads folder.
  7. In the Install Panopto Recorder window click Continue.
  8. In the following Install Panopto Recorder window click Install or change the installation location.
  9. If prompted, enter your administrator’s name and password.
  10. Click Close when the installation is successful. If you’re ready, start recording your lecture.


If you have questions, or need assistance, please contact the IIT Technology Service Desk at 404-413-HELP (404-413-4357) or [email protected].