Software for Purchase

Get Software for Home and Office

Georgia State offers a variety of site-licensed software, available for download or purchase on disc to help you be more productive.

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Manage Classes in Desire2Learn

Desire2Learn is the university’s central learning management system. It offers course management features that include file sharing, email and announcements, online quizzing, discussion boards, and more.

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Innovative Academic Facilities

Visit The Exchange for support with applying educational technology, such as Desire2Learn, to the courses you teach.

Classroom Hotlines

Priority hotlines for in-class technology problems

Downtown: (404) 413-4321
Alpharetta: (404) 413-7777
Brookhaven: (404) 413-7800
Facility Support: (404) 413-0700


Enhance your online teaching with Sharestream by uploading and sharing video and audio files.

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Research Computing

Georgia State offers a number of innovative research facilities and computing resources to successfully pursue scholarly research.

Virtual Private Network

Access network resources, such as and library databases, from off-campus, using the VPN.


Obtain free security software to protect your computer and the university’s network from malicious attacks.


Check out professional video and audio recording equipment available for you to use.

The university names its first Chief Innovation Officer. Learn more about him here: via @GeorgiaStateIST