NVivo 2: Exploring Your Data

This workshop picks up where NVivo 1 leaves off and continues to explore ways to organize, analyze, and present your qualitative research data. The workshop also covers how to build queries to explore and analyze your coded data.

Workshop Topics

  • Creating Classifications with Attribute Values and Sets to facilitate comparative analyses
  • Autocoding Sources
  • Coding queries
  • Matrix queries
  • Data visualizations
Prerequisites: NVivo 1 or equivalent experience
E-mail the Exchange: exchange@gsu.edu
Additional Information: Check out the library’s NVivo research guide.
Workshop Registration
Thanks for your interest in attending this Exchange workshop. There are no more NVivo 2: Exploring Your Data classes offered this semester. Instructors who wish to learn more about NVivo are encouraged to set up an appointment with an Exchange instructional designer. To set up an appointment, call 404-413-4700 or use our appointment reservation form.
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