NVivo 1: Getting Started

When undertaking qualitative research, it doesn’t take long for things to get messy. You can quickly find yourself buried under interview transcripts, photographs, videos, memos, web sites, articles and other texts. Nvivo is a powerful data collection and analysis tool for the qualitative researcher. In this 90-minute workshop for beginners, we’ll look at strategies for getting your data into the system, setting up preferences for how you want to work, organizational principles, and other tips and tricks.

Workshop Topics

  • Getting to know the NVivo workspace
  • Exploring different types of Sources that can be analyzed
  • Basic Coding of Text and Multimedia Sources
  • Using Queries to explore and code your data
  • Recording comments and ideas
Prerequisites: None
E-mail the Exchange: exchange@gsu.edu
Additional Information: Check out the library’s NVivo research guide.
Workshop Registration
Thanks for your interest in attending this Exchange workshop. There are no more NVivo 1: Getting Started classes offered this semester. Instructors who wish to learn more about NVivo are encouraged to set up an appointment with an Exchange instructional designer. To set up an appointment, call 404-413-4700 or use our appointment reservation form.
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