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ShareStream is a video management platform that gives faculty and staff the ability to upload and share video, audio, and other media files. Use ShareStream to:

  • Share video with students in your Brightspace course
  • Host video for your university department
  • Share media with colleagues and others outside
    of the university
  • Easily upload and encode video for a wide variety of devices, including mobile


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Faculty and staff can request an account. After account creation, sign in with CampusID.

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Account Support: Request an account for Sharestream
Getting Started with ShareStream
in Brightspace:
Adding ShareStream Media File to Brightspace
Accept Student Submission in ShareStream
Uploading Media to ShareStream: Types of Media Compatible with ShareStream
Upload a File to ShareStream
Upload a File using Media Migrator
Common Tasks: Create a Collection (Folder) in ShareStream
Create SubFolder in ShareStream
Moving Files from one folder to another
Obtaining the URL of an Asset in ShareStream
Security: Setting the Permissions of an Asset in ShareStream

Need Assistance Editing or Uploading Your Video?

Faculty and staff can get in-person assistance at the Exchange

Questions About Copyright?

Information About Intellectual Property – Legal Affairs

Decommission of Hollywood (Broadway) Media Server

Beginning July 1, the Hollywood server (also referred to as Broadway) will no longer accept new media content. Please upload all new media content to ShareStream. Video currently on hollywood will continue to work.