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Brightspace by Desire2Learn is Georgia State University’s learning management system.
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What’s New in Brightspace?

Instructors do not need to make any changes to their courses as a result of the upgrade. The upgrade will provide for these new system features.

  • Continuous System Update: After the upgrade, Brightspace will receive continuous delivery of incremental upgrades. Continuous delivery allows for the Brightspace environment to be updated every 4-6 weeks to the latest release, rather than needing to be updated yearly, with longer downtimes. Beginning in February 2016, Brightspace will be updated to the most recent release of Brightspace by D2L on the third Friday of every month.
  • Maintenance Schedule Changes: Beginning in January, maintenance to Brightspace windows will occur on the first and third Friday of each month. Maintenance will begin on Friday at 10 PM and end on Saturday at 7 AM. Students, faculty, and staff will be unable to login to Brightspace during the scheduled maintenance windows. Faculty are advised to set due dates for assignments and assessments before or after scheduled maintenance.
  • Import/Export/Copy Course – Content History:
    When copying content to a course, instructors can now view the history of content changes. When copying content to a course, associated files within Content, Discussions, Dropbox, and Quizzes will be copied.
  • Group Tool Additional Features:
    • Enable Enrollment Deadline: Groups configured by instructors to allow students to self-enroll can now be set with an enrollment deadline. When enabled, students will need to enroll before the deadline, or they will be automatically assigned to a group at the deadline.
    • Students Change Group Membership: Students can change their membership in a group before an enrollment deadline when Self Enrollments have been enabled.

Information on training related to these new features will be available soon.

Having Trouble logging in?
Students will only be able to log in to Brightspace with CampusID and password if they are currently registered for a course. Please allow one day after registration for login permission to become available.


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