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Georgia State University is a member of the InCommon Federation, an organization that provides a framework to allow member institutions to collaborate by securely accessing shared online resources. Through membership in the InCommon Federation, your Georgia State CampusID and password has the potential to provide convenient access to resources at over 300 trusted education and research institutions. Georgia State faculty and staff can request access to resources at participating universities and organizations, such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), who use InCommon to simplify access to their online services.

Current Resources

All Georgia State students, faculty and staff can currently access these InCommon resources, using a CampusID and password:

A list of additional participating member organizations
can be found at the InCommon website.

Additional Resources
Contact the IS&T Help Center, to inquire about:

  • Accessing a New Service
  • Sharing an Online Service

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Tech Tools

The login gateway used to provide access to resources through InCommon at Georgia State is Shibboleth. Information about Shibboleth for technical staff >