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Georgia State University is an active member of SURA, the Southeastern University Research Organization.

A consortium of over sixty universities, SURA operates the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility for the U.S. Department of Energy through Jefferson Science Associates – a SURA/Computer Sciences Corporation joint venture dedicated to supporting research activities.

Open Science Grid

SURA is the virtual organization that allows for access for Georgia State researchers to the Open Science Grid. The Open Science Grid is a global community of researchers, scientists and experts in high throughput computing from all around the world that includes a partnership to federate local, regional, community and national cyber infrastructures to meet the needs of researchers and academic communities at all scales

Research Initiatives

IS&T has worked with various Georgia State researchers to run Monte Carlo simulations of high-energy muon particles or conduct virtual screening of compounds for drug design.

Georgia State is a World Community Grid Partner.

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