The Exchange


Free Technology Workshops and Instructor Resources

The Exchange is IS&T’s one-stop shop for Georgia State instructors seeking instructional design support, project consulting, equipment and more! The Exchange also offers tech training workshops that are open to the entire Georgia state community, including faculty, staff, and students.

Services for Faculty and Staff

instructionalInstructional Design and Project Consulting

The Exchange’s instructional designers can help you find technology-based solutions to course goals and troubleshoot technology-related projects.

customworkshopsCustom Technology

The Exchange can design and teach free technology workshops for staff or students that are built around your course goals. We can also direct you to online resources to share with your group.

teachwithtechInstructional Innovation Conference

Calling all innovative instructors! The Exchange and the Center for Instructional Innovation co-sponsor a yearly Instructional Innovation Conference. Come share your ideas and get inspired.

equipmentEquipment Checkout & Recording Studio

Need an iPad, video camera, or drawing tablet? How about a laptop or microphone? No problem! We have all sorts of equipment available for faculty or staff checkout. Our recording studio is also open for reservations.

Services for Everyone at Georgia State

openworkshopsOpen-enrollment Technology
Training Workshops

Build your technology skills! The Exchange teaches FREE tech classes to all members of the Georgia State University community. Check out our list of workshops and register today!

onlinetrainingFree Online Technology Training

Georgia State offers a variety of amazing, free online technology resources, including:, Skillsoft, and the Gartner IT Library.

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