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Get started using your campus email, including Lync messenger, OneDrive (previously SkyDrive), and Microsoft Office Web Apps.

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Steps to get started with common
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Microsoft Office & Outlook
Download Microsoft Office, including Outlook, to check your email from your home computer.
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Lync Instant Messaging
Chat and collaborate
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OneDrive Pro & Web Apps
Store and create documents online
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Password Support: Reset Your CampusID (Email) Password
Getting Started: Get started with Office 365
Common Tasks
Access Your Email: Access your email on the Web
Outlook client on Windows
Outlook client on Mac
Mobile Devices: Configure your iOS device
Configure your Android device
Configure your Windows Phones
Configure your BlackBerry (OS10) Device
Forwarding Email: How to Forward Your Email
Department / Scheduling Accounts: Request an Account
Managing and Granting Access for an Account
Accessing a Department / Scheduling Account
Lync Chat: Using Lync from your Mailbox
Use Lync on your Computer or mobile device
OneDrive (also called SkyDrive):
Including Microsoft Web Apps
Using OneDrive
Using the Microsoft Web Apps
Share documents Using OneDrive
Blocked Attachments: Send or Receive Attachments the Email System Blocks
Report Spam: Report Spam on a Windows, Mac, or on the Web
Download the Outlook Spam Plug-In (Windows Only)
Handling Multiple Accounts: Switch between student & faculty/staff online email accounts


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