OneDrive Online Collaboration & Storage

Need to transfer a file from a lab computer to your home computer or other device? Need to turn in an assignment electronically? Need to work on a group paper or presentation easily? OneDrive is your solution.

File Storage & Transfer


1 TB of Total Storage

  • 40 million documents
  • 500 thousand photos
  • 17,000 hours of music

2 GB Upload per File

  • 26,000 pages of text
  • 30 minutes of DVD-quality video

File Sharing


Decide How You Share

  • Share files with anyone at GSU
  • Create a link to share with anyone – even if they don’t have an account



Create and Edit Files Online to Work Better Together

  • Co-edit Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or OneNote
  • Work on documents together, even at the same time
  • Edit in a browser or right from a Windows workstation

Convenient Access

SkyDrive Pro Grey Icon

Access Files from Anywhere

  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Apps for Android and iPhone
  • Sync client to work conveniently from Windows computers

Supported & Secure


Get Help If There’s a Problem

  • Files stored in university accounts, so help is available when needed
  • Data is backed up and secure



No new account needed. Just sign in to your email to find OneDrive.

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