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Please note that the CampusID password management site at has recently been updated. In addition to an updated interface, new features such as SMS Text Messages for Password Recovery are now available. Additionally, the required length of passwords has changed from 8 to 10 characters to better ensure your security. To review the changes, visit
Your CampusID is the account name you use to sign in to the majority of technology systems at Georgia State University, including campus email, the Desire2Learn learning management system, and others.

Your CampusID is also the first part of your official Georgia State email address ( for faculty/staff and for students).

Activating Your CampusID Password

All new students, faculty, and staff receive a CampusID. However, you must first activate a password in order to use your CampusID to log in to systems. To activate your CampusID, you must sign in to the CampusID Password Management system, set up your security questions and answers profile, and set up an initial password that you will use to log in to campus systems.

Activate your CampusID Password 

Forgot Your CampusID Password?

Reset your password at the CampusID password management site,

Reset Password  

Don’t forget to update your password in your devices after changing your CampusID password.


CampusID Support: Change your Password using SMS Text notifications
Reset your CampusID password
Change your CampusID password
Update your password in your devices after changing your CampusID password
Activate your CampusID and set an initial password
CampusID FAQ
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