Podcast Directions

Plan Your Podcast

  1. Decide what type of podcast you want to create:
    a. Audio (just sound; no images or video)
    b. Audio with Images (like a PowerPoint slideshow, with a audio)
    c. Video (video, usually has some audio)
  2. Storyboard your Podcast
    a. decide what your podcast will contain (sample storyboard)
    b. what to do included in each image or video piece (storyboarding software)
  3. Obtain Participant Release and Fair Use forms (*This is required!)
    a. Video Participant Release
    Get permission to use the likeness of those you plan to feature and interview in your podcast.
    b. Fair Use Checklist
    Understand when you can reuse materials under educational fair use
  4. Plan to get podcasting training or borrow equipment if needed.
    a. Digital Aquarium
    Lends recording equipment, has computers you can use for podcasting, and can teach you the basics… if you plan ahead! Contact the Aquarium for information on checkout days and availability.
    b. Equipment Checkout
    c. Training Schedule

Create Your Podcast

  1. Choose software to create your podcast. The software listed below is  either free to download or likely to have come with your computer system. Additional options can be found in the Digital Aquarium.