Instructional Design

Require that Students Use the LockDown Browser for a Quiz


This document details how to make the Respondus LockDown required in order to take a quiz in iCollege.

The LockDown browser is a potent tool, and is best used in a controlled environment where use can be monitored, and issues troubleshooted quickly. However, the LockDown browser can also be installed on Windows and Mac… more »


Do you want to craft an online presence at Georgia State University?  Are you interested in finding a way to display your professional bona fides or have a dialogue with colleagues and experts in the field?  Do you want a class website for interacting with students?  Then Edublogs may be just what you… more »

Checking out equipment

The Exchange’s technology checkout service is one of the best kept secrets on the Georgia State campus. Faculty and staff are able to check out an array of equipment for up to two weeks! We check out everything from MacBook Pros and iPads to recording equipment. Most of our equipment comes fully loaded with… more »

Adding multimedia to online courses

Adding multimedia to online classes, or as online content for a face-to-face class, will not only be a fun project for you to work on but could also increase student participation in your classroom. There are several different ways to incorporate multimedia into your class.

External Sources

YouTube, Vimeo,… more »

Creating Online Assessments

One of the most difficult things about teaching large courses is assessing students without spending all your waking hours grading.  The Brightspace Quizzes tool can help.  Quizzes  in Brightspace take approximately the same amount of time to set up and create as traditional paper-based quizzes, but administering and grading… more »

Grading student work

Grading student work can be a time consuming chore.  Within Brightspace there are several tools that can make providing feedback on student work more efficient, extensive, and consistent.

Within D2L, the primary online assessment tools are Dropboxes, Discussions, and Quizzes.  Each can be graded quickly online, and the scores can be automatically sent… more »

Distributing information and materials to students quickly and efficiently

A critical component of teaching is helping student know what they should be working on when.  An array of tools within Brightspace will help you to quickly disseminate announcements, organize your course materials, and potentially automate some of your support.


Suppose that you need to quickly inform the class of… more »

Learning new technologies

Learning new technologies can be a daunting task.  Sometimes you may not even be sure which software you should learn, let alone how to use it.  At Georgia State University there are several avenues available for exploring and learning new technologies.  Opportunities fall into three main categories: on-demand courses, face-to-face trainings and workshops, and… more »

Encouraging active student participation online

Collaboration, deliberation, and conversation are central to scholarship and to the learning process, but interaction at a distance can feel impersonal and dry.  It doesn’t have to.  Georgia State University has invested in a number of tools that allow interaction through a variety of modalities.

Within the more »