Teaching and Managing a Course in Brightspace

Adding Piazza to your Brightspace Homepage


This post details how faculty can include the student-instructor question board Piazza onto their course’s homepage.

Creating a New Homepage Log in to Brightspace and select your course. Click Edit Course. Under Site Setup, select Homepages. Click the drop down arrow beside the course default homepage (or the homepage you… more »

Setting Up Your Brightspace Quizzes to be Proctored


This post details how faculty can set up their Brightspace exams to be proctored in the Arts & Humanities 200 lab.

Requirements Confirmed and scheduled test dates for our proctored lab Request proctored lab sessions > Completed Brightspace Quizzes for the semester Get Help Setting Up Your Course

If you need help, our… more »

Set Up a Quiz with LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor

Associated Service Brightspace Overview

This document details the steps to require Respondus Monitor for your quiz. If you need to require that a certain group of students use Respondus Monitor to take a quiz at home, for example, you will need to duplicate the quiz, then require that this duplicated quiz use Respondus Monitor,… more »

Require that Students Use the LockDown Browser for a Quiz


This document details how to make the Respondus LockDown required in order to take a quiz in Brightspace.

The LockDown browser is a potent tool, and is best used in a controlled environment where use can be monitored, and issues troubleshooted quickly. However, the LockDown browser can also be installed on Windows and Mac… more »