Technology Services is a unit of Instructional Innovation and Technology (IIT).

For instructional support, visit the site of the Center for Instructional Innovation.

Dennis Rose

Dennis Rose

Associate Vice President for IS&T and Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Dennis Rose, Associate Vice President/CTO
404-413-4510, drose@gsu.edu

Joyce Carroll, Senior Administrative Coordinator
404-413-4512, jcarroll8@gsu.edu

Pamela Dillard

Pamela Dillard

Human Resources

Pamela Dillard, Manager, Human Resources
404-413-4530, pglass@gsu.edu

IS and T

Rockie Pitts

Program Management Office

Rockie Pitts, Director, Program Management
404-413-4456, rpitts@gsu.edu

IS and T

Janice Maxwell

Project Management

Janice Maxwell, Assistant Director, Project Management
404-413-4303, jmaxwell10@gsu.edu

Kevin Lipford

Kevin Lipford

Financial Services

Kevin Lipford, Manager, Financial Services
404-413-4520, klipford@gsu.edu

John Bandy

John Bandy

Application Engineering

John Bandy, Director of Application Engineering
404-413-4600, jbandy@gsu.edu

Student Applications
Jeff Stulce
404-413-4640, jstulce@gsu.edu

Identity, Financial & Human Resources Applications
Ron Reddish
404-413-4601, rreddish@gsu.edu

Alumni Applications
Darrell Daniels
404-413-3442, dwdaniels@gsu.edu

Collaboration & Cloud Software
Jaro Klc
404-413-4744, jklc@gsu.edu

Kelly Robinson

Kelly Robinson

Enterprise Computing

Kelly Robinson, Assistant Director, Enterprise Computing
(404) 413-4757, krobinson12@gsu.edu

Platform & Storage Engineering
Kelly Robinson
404-413-4757, krobinson12@gsu.edu

Database Administration
Michael Ruiz
404-413-4638, michaelruiz@gsu.edu

Data Center
Lee Brown
404-413-4404, lee@gsu.edu

IS and T

Noel Small

Network & Telecommunications

Noel Small, Director of Network & Telecommunications Services
404-413-4480, nsmall@gsu.edu


Client Services

TBD, Director of Client Services

Help Center Service Desk
Brad Underwood
404-413-4371, cunderwood@gsu.edu@gsu.edu

Desktop Support
Andy Farr
404-413-4315, afarr2@gsu.edu

Cyber Security

Ren Flot, Chief Information Security Officer
404-413-4378, rflot@gsu.edu