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Posted On February 2, 2016
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This document details how to create and schedule an online meeting with WebEx, invite others to your meetings, and how to share your screen during an online meeting.

WebEx meetings are useful for quickly getting a small group of colleagues together who are currently working in various places on or off campus.


Using WebEx

Scheduling a Meeting

  1. Go to the WebEx home page and click the Log In link at the right.
  2. Log in with your CampusID and CampusID Password.
  3. From the WebEx Home Screen select the Meeting Center tab then select Schedule a Meeting from the drop down menu
    Schedule a Meeting in WebEx: Step 2
  4. In the Schedule a Meeting section:
    1. Fill out your meeting information (You can leave the Password field as is)
    2. Enter the email address of attendees you wish to invite.
    3. Click Start (This option will become Schedule Meeting if your meeting is in the future)
    Schedule a Meeting in WebEx: Step 3
  5. If you scheduled your meeting for a future time, you can start your meeting later by selecting the MyWebEx tab and clicking Start next to your desired meeting.
    Schedule a Meeting in WebEx: Step 4

Sharing a Screen

  1. To share your screen during a meeting, click Share Screen in your meeting window.
    Share your Screen in a WebEx Meeting: Step 1
  2. To Stop sharing your screen hover of the green sharing bar then click the red stop icon
    Share your Screen in a WebEx Meeting: Step 2


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