Recording a Lecture Using Panopto for Mac

Posted On December 17, 2014
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This document describes the steps to record a lecture using Panopto for Mac OS X operating systems.


  • Working microphone and camera
  • Panopto
    Don’t have Panopto? Mac Download
  • Active iCollege account
  • You may need your administrator’s name and password to complete the installation. If you do not have administrative access to your computer, please contact your local IT support, or the IIT Technology Service Desk at


Using Panopto

Record Your Lecture

  1. Log in to iCollege.
  2. In the iCollege home screen:
    1. Click “Select a course…”
    2. In the drop-down menu select your course
    3. In your course’s page:
      1. Click Content & Media
      2. In the drop-down menu click Panopto-GSU
    4. In the new Panopto window:
      1. Click Create
      2. In the drop-down menu click Record a new session
    5. In the Record a new session window click Launch Panopto.
    6. NOTE: You may be prompted by a security window to launch the application. Click to approve and launch the application
    7. The Panopto will open. In the Panopto Recorder window:
      1. Select a Folder to store the video
      2. Name your Session
      3. Select the Audio Source
      4. Select the Video Source
      5. Select the Recording Options for the video. You can choose to record your desktop, audio and video, and even a PowerPoint presentation
      6. Click Record
    8. When finished recording, click Stop.
    9. In the following Panopto window your recording will appear; it will take a few moments for the video to upload and be available. Once the status of the video is “Complete”, students can view your recording by selecting Panopto from the Learning Tools menu in iCollege in the same way you did.

    Recordings that Will Be Viewed Outside of Normal Course Work

    If you plan to record a lecture that will be seen by an audience outside of your class, we recommend you download the video from Panopto, and upload it into Kaltura before inserting it into your course.

    1. After you finish recording a session, and the Status of the video says Completed, click View Online.
    2. In the internet browser, click the “Share” icon.
    3. In the following window, click Outputs, then click Download Podcast.
      NOTE: It may take a while for these options to appear.
    4. When the video is successfully downloaded it will appear in your downloads folder.
    5. From here, you can upload the file into Kaltura, and then insert the link into your iCollege course: Add Media to your iCollege Course with Kaltura


    If you have questions, or need assistance, please contact the IIT Technology Service Desk at 404-413-HELP (404-413-4357) or