Instructor ToolKit

Get inspired

It all starts with an idea. Maybe you are walking down the street and you see a picture or hear a conversation and something sparks a project idea you can do in your class. Now you have a great idea but aren’t sure how to include it in your class or where to start. Please do not let your brilliant new idea lay dormant as a note on your desk. At the Exchange, we have the tools and staff that can help you bring your inspiration to life. The Exchange can help with every aspect of your idea from developing the initial thought, working through pedagogical concerns, incorporating technology, and your final presentation.

The Exchange can also help spark your inspiration. Maybe you know that you want to try something new but you do not know what would be a good fit for your class. You can schedule a brainstorming session and we can help you come up with a plan.

Maybe you want to present your material in a new way. The Exchange offers workshops for presentation tools such as Prezi and PowerPoint that will get you started. We also have staff members that are available to help you create your new presentations.

To see a list of the training workshops we offer, visit and register for a workshop today!