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Do you want to craft an online presence at Georgia State University?  Are you interested in finding a way to display your professional bona fides or have a dialogue with colleagues and experts in the field?  Do you want a class website for interacting with students?  Then Edublogs may be just what you are looking for.

Starting in Fall 2013, GSU will begin offering Edublog sites to faculty, staff, and students under the brand.  For faculty and staff these blog sites can be an opportunity to establish a professional online presence or have a dialogue with students or other experts in the field.  Students can use edublog sites to create a professional outward facing site or to display a portfolio of their work.

The great thing about Edublogs is that they are easy to setup, customize, and use.  You can login at to get started.  After some basic setup where you clarify your blog’s purpose with a title and tagline, you can customize its appearance through themes, widgets, and menus.  Once you’ve configured your blog, you are ready to create posts for your blog page or pages to tell the world who you are and what you have to say.

When creating content for you Edublog, you have an array of options.  Aside from the basic texts and images, you can embed media from sites like Vimeo or YouTube, polls and surveys from Google Forms or PollEverywhere, and presentations from Prezi, Slideshare, or Voki.  The possibilities are nearly limitless.

Your Edublog also offers a number of plugins that can make interaction and the exchange of ideas productive and engaging.  The Formidable plugin allows you to create simple online forms while the wiki plugin allows you to create collectively edited wiki pages in your blog.  There is even a plugin for creating forums and chats within your blog structure.

If you want help creating a professional or academic blog for you or your class, stop by The Exchange.  If you are interested in learning more about any of the plugins or options within your Edublog, you can find support and resources at the Exchange <link to: >.   Contact us at 404-413-4700 or E-mail Us for an appointment.