Send Attachments with Send a File

Posted On June 10, 2013
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Associated Service Email and File Storage


This post shows you how to compose and send a Send a File message with attachments.

Send a Message with Attachments

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your CampusID email and password.
  3. On the Message page:
    1. Enter the email address(es) of the recipient(s) in the To field.
      NOTE: You must manually type in each email address or paste a list of email addresses, separating each email with a comma.
    2. Enter a subject for your message in the Subject field (required).
    3. Enter a message for your email in the Message field, if desired.
  4. Set the Permissions for who can download your attachments, and enter the number of times each of your recipients can download the file(s) from your email.
  5. Click Add Files to locate and select your attachments from your computer.
    NOTE: You can also click Select Existing Files to attach a file you’ve previously uploaded using Send a File
  6. Click Send.
    NOTE: If your files are taking a while to upload, you can check the I’m done editing, send when uploads have finished box and your message will send when your uploads are complete


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