Migrating PantherMail Email Account Content to Another Microsoft Account

Posted On June 7, 2013
Categories PantherMail, Support
Associated Service Email and File Storage


This document lists the required steps to move data from your PantherMail account to a new Microsoft Account.


  • PantherMail Account and Password
  • Microsoft Account

Steps to Migrate PantherMail Content

  1. Go to http://outlook.com and click Sign up now.
  2. Fill in the new account form. Once you have created a new account, go to your new inbox
  3. Select Options from the top navigation bar and select Connected Accounts

  4. Select Other Email Accounts
  5. Input your PantherMail Address and Password and select where to store the imported files and click Next
    NOTE: This should generate the error “Sorry, we couldn’t find the right settings for your account. Please review the information below and try again.” This is expected. Please continue to step 6
  6. Under the Incoming (POP3) server information window:
    1. Enter outlook.office365.com in the Server address
    2. Enter Your PantherMail email address in the Username field (and your PantherMail password, if it has not automatically populated)
    3. Select the Send email using OUtlook’s server option
    4. Click Next
  7. Select Your Inbox or Create a new folder to place your migrated content, then click Save.
    NOTE: The size of your mailbox determines how long it takes for the data to move over.  Your folder structure will NOT move over


If you have questions, or need assistance, please contact the Technology Help Center at 404-413-HELP (404-413-4357) or help@gsu.edu.